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See separate instructions. Information about Schedule C Form 1065 and its instructions is at www.irs.gov/form1065. For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice see the Instructions for Form 1065. Cat. No. 49945S Schedule C Form 1065 Rev. 12-2014. SCHEDULE C Form 1065 Rev. December 2014 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Name of partnership Additional Information for Schedule M-3 Filers OMB No. 1545-0123 Attach to Form 1065. Employer identification number Yes No At any time during the...
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Hello and welcome to chapter 17 this is Professor Farhad in this session we're gonna introduce chapter 17 and specifically we're gonna look at the various business forms and the tax treatments of the various business forms so if you have your textbook by all means you know you could read the textbook beforehand or after the lecture but make sure you read the textbook because I'm gonna go over the various tax business forms that they have different tax treatment such as a sole proprietorship a partnership trust S corporation what I never get across today I would look at trusts later on during this semester as well as s and C corporations and limited liability companies so they were gonna be focusing on the tax treatment of various business transaction to tell us straight this concept but we're gonna do we're gonna start by looking at the big picture we're gonna use cement as an example and look at Samantha's from a deep various perspectives so we have Samantha here Samantha Johnson owns a bakery and currently the bakery is operated as a sole proprietorship means she operated she's the sole owner of the business and she's not incorporated Samantha generates an annual operating profit of a hundred thousand so she makes $100,000 and profit in addition the bakery earns an annual dividend of five thousand dollars so she has some extra money invested some extra working capital and this money is bringing the business $5,000 in form of dividend income these stock investments typically I'll have for a minimum of three to four months okay that's fine as a result of income from other business ventures and investments samantha is in the thirty three percent marginal tax bracket so her marginal tax bracket is 33 percent irrespective of the bakery so we're going to be dealing with a thirty three percent marginal tax bracket as far as we were concerned in this example some other facts that we need to know about this about Samantha and the past Samantha has withdrawn $50,000 obviously she needs to live annually from the bakery she regarded this as a reasonable payment for her services so basically she look at this as a salary in other words she needs some money to live samantha has asked you about the tax consequences of conducting the business as a si regular C corporation so she's asking this is this is it better to operate as a C in other words is it can I save more on my taxes if operated as a c-corporation based on the given information what would be the annual income tax savings of operating the bakery as a corporation they for this purpose analysis we're going to use the 2014 tax rate and ignore any employment taxes or state consideration so what you should do now as a student you need to read the textbook what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go over the over the main main points over the main points to help you understand what's in the textbook but you cannot substitute reading the textbook that's four-story so as I stated earlier business can operate using...